Wizard x220s esc#1 not working

Hello, i have a problem with the Eachine wizard x220s. It’s damaged (3. arm, front left) and than the 1 esc (rear right) not working. In blheli_s is not found the esc#1. I think it is burned out. When charged to buttery its bipping, a little bit moving, but not more. This is the 2. Eachine 4in1 30A ESC-s. Is that some more esc which is compatible with my quads?

Thanks for your help in advance.

x220s is the same as any other quad just prebuilt.

you don’t have to use a 4in1 ESC you could use 4 esc’s mounted on the arms.
you may have to change the PDB as well, depending on its connection options.