X220s falling out the sky

Hi everyone - needing a bit of help … my x220s wizard got an upgrade last week … took out the PDB and removed a bit of weight by the motor guards etc … now when i fly she flies alright for 10 - 30 seconds but then drops like a stone when i touch the throttle. It arms and flies fine but when i go near the throttle it crashes and falls.

All motors are spinning in betaflight (together and one at a time) …Bench testing is fine and it doesnt cut out when left to idle for a few mins … totally confused here.


Did i understand that right, that you removed the PDB ?
Please upload a picture that shows how you wired everything up.

Did you tried the bench test with full Throttle ? (removed Props)

Hi Luca - just removed the 5v supply from FC to PDB and then took out PDB along with all the LEDs and wires. On further testing I think it could be a motor - will upload video so people can see but when I blip the throttle I get it dipping to front left (motor 4) can cruise around but any more than about 10% throttle it causes it to flip out … Video coming soon!

that could me a failed motor for your idle throttle needs to be raised.

I had a motor where the sator would slip on a little throttle punch.
without your props on give little sharp throttle blips and see if you can see the stator moving…

Tested - all motors are doing the same thing bud, can see the motor spinning and they all rev up alright … going to desolder the front two motors and see if the problem moves. if it doesnt i suspect esc and if it does im guessing its the motor

thats a good plan.


Wanted to upload the video of the front dipping down under throttle but cant do videos on this.

FPV Video of motor corner dipping

can try this and let me know if it works - ill apologise in advance for the rubbish quality - its just a 5.8mhz adapter plugged into my phone to record the cam feed lol.

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You will need to upload it to youtube, or facebook, vimeo etc… and copy the url/ link onto here and the forum should automatically embed it

But for now I have edited your link so the forum does not try to automatically embed the video file, as it seems google drive embed did not work so well.

From your video it does look like it could be a motor/ESC problem as it always seems to tilt to the left. Are you able to upload a blackbox flight log from a flight that shows this crash so we can have a look at it to figure out what component is causing the problem?

That would be new territory for me lol … Ordered a few replacement motors for x220s (CW and CCW) … Going to swap motors 4 and 1 to see if problem moves and if it does I’m going to replace the motor with new. If problem is fixed going to fully strip and rebuild old (faulty) motor and see if it will work again and keep it as a spare.

Right - swapped the motors and the problem has moved to the other side so im guessing it is the motor … i took a slow mo video (thanks technology) and you can see the motor stall/stop spinning when i throttle up - any ideas what could be causing this ?

Will try upload the video once ive trimmed it down a bit as the full file was over 300 mb :rofl::joy:

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Motor stall/stop video

I’m not sure… its hard to tell
but is your bell wobbling just a little bit… watch the shaft.?

Can you take the Motor bell off ?

Seen that a little bit but might be vibrations from throttle up on the bench … yeah i had it off last night to give the motor a clean in case there was something stuck in the winding.

I think it looks like the shaft is wobbeling around…
I would guess that the Motor bell is bend and hits something inside the Motor when it reaches a specific RPM

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might try swapping the “suspect” bell with another one and see if the problem moves again - new motor should be here tomorrow so will at least be able to get it in the air for the weekend lol :sunglasses:

Need another Qwad so i can have a backup … if the missus asks how many quads do you need the answer is N+1 where N = Number of drones i currently have :joy:


Right replaced the motor and the dip under blipping the throttle has dissapeared - happy days … but now when just hovering the drone is constantly yawing left … what do i have to do to stop this madness :joy:?

Cheers guys

Check your transmitter…
Make sure you haven’t knocked the Yaw trims.

Try recalibrating your accelerometer

when its on the bench does 3d image of the quad move?

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