Eachine wizard x220s motor keeps accelerating! Help!

Decently new to the hobby. I have been flying crappy toy drones for about 2 years. I just purchased my wizard x220s RTF version. I had a bad RX receiver so didn’t really have much distance to fly ended up going to far and lost all controll dumped it into the snow. I put in a new rx receiver but now and that is good. But now when I give it say 10% throttle all motors go to 10% power but one of the motors just keeps accelerating to full throttle. I sync. All the motors together and still happening. Any help would be great only appreciated thanks

Try to re calibrate your escs…
Let me guess:
This Problem only appears when your Quad sits on your bench right?
When you fly acro, your Quad thinks that it should (at Example) do a right roll…
It cant do that because it sitts on the bench, therefore i keeps powering up your Motors…
(This Problem even appears when you dont move your sticks, because you are always a bit off center…)

As @Luca says try recalibrating your ESCs.

But if you doing this on the bench with your props off and controlling the throttle from your Tx
This could just be air mode kicking in.

Calibrate motors in beta flight.