Help to understand with ESC for X220S

Help to understand with ESC for X220S.
In some cases (and in flight too), usually two or three times after power-up. The gas abruptly and then reduce the gas to minimum - turn off motor 2. After switching the power is restored and running. So maybe a few times. Then everything will be OK. I think I need to calibrate the ESC. There is a video tip for X220, but for the “S” version with F4 V3 it does not work. What can I do?

Maybe BLHeli Configuration will help?
To put the extreme point of work from 1000 to 2000?
I stand smaller values.

Yeah best way to calibrate the ESC is via BLheli_configurator via passthrough mode, make sure each of them are the same.

Also a second thing to check is to double check the connection between your motor 2 and ESC 2 and the FC connector for motor 2.

Thanks for the advice.
I think the connector on the ESC and FC everything is OK.
Since, after installation of the extreme points of 1000 and 2000 in the “BLHeli Configuration” motor 2 was rarely off in the minimum time of gas after the maximum.
But now was one time that went off 3 motor.
Something’s not right here.
Going to try to deal with all at once ESC calibration.

Flew yesterday.
Sharply the gas up and down did not.
But at the time of switching “Mode” with a "Stab"at the “Horizon” off one of the engines. X220S spun and he fell.
Re hooked up the battery and flew to the LiPo, no problems.
From this out - there is a problem in the settings. Maybe I need to “BLHeli” and “BetaFlight” the low value for the receiver or ESC to set below 1000?
What do you say?

Technically if you are using dshot protocol on your esc, then you dont need to calibrate anything. However, the developers still suggest you run a manual calibration at least once with a new esc by changing protocol in betaflight to oneshot, then do a ESC calibration via the motors tab, and then switch back to dshot…

Otherwise you might want to check the blackbox for when your wizard did that to see if maybe a sensor went weird or something?

Once fell off a single engine.
But the card was inserted.
Please explain how to watch this SD?

This video should help you get started :slight_smile:

Betaflight Blackbox Explorer - YouTube

Thank you very much for all the tips.
Tell me what a huge file (1.8 Gb) with the extension “E” every time I insert a memory card placed in the SD?
In the “BlackBox Explorer” it doesn’t open.

And with memory card 32 GB the file “E” takes up 4.1 GB.
In the program turn off the motors 1 and 2. But really it is 2 and 4 motors.
Usually 2 motor off.
Viewing logs the reason for turning off the motor can not find. Just turns off one motor and all.
All other sensors worked, so like and continue to work.