Diatone Tyrant S 215 replacing FC


Hi All
My new SPRACING F3 arrived the other day and I´v set it up and everything is working but motors right now, but I´ll do the “Betaflight Wont Arm” with Joshua Bardwell another day when it´s not 30 degrees celcius here.

Thanks for all help guys. I´ve learned a lot and now I know where to find solutions to my problems:-)

Have a happy summer



don’t forget, unless you change the small angle setting in Betaflight the FC needs to be level to arm and not connected to betaflight.
Its a new feature of betaflight disabling arming when connected to a computer


Hi Jorn,

I’m sorry about my recent lack of replying. I have been very busy.

I am glad that your problem has finally been sorted. Good luck flying.



Hi again all.
I have not had the time to fly much, but yesterday I did and it starts with a lot of vibrations on ground, but when airborne it flies great in Angle mode. When I switch to “!Altitude Hold” it does some twiches, but it don´t hold the altitude very well even with 17 satellites. When I switch to “Altitude and Position Hold” it starts drifting to the right and when switched back to Angel mode it´s good to fly again, but starts to beep every one second. I don´t want to wear gogles when flying until i´m confident flying with it so there might have been messages i´ve missed. I´ve tried to read posts to figure out what is causing this, but I´m not sure what to do. Is it PID´s? It is also very sluggish on the sticks.
This post is a bit long now so here´s the specifications:
Tyrant S 215 2017
Diatone original SP3 OSD
Beitian BN800 Ublox NEO-M8N BN-800 GPS from Banggood
iNav 3.9.0

All electronics seems to be working very well.



I have not read the full topic, but are you using betaflight? If so any GPS related features are not good as it’s not the developers main focus.

You will be better off using iNav. And then you just need to make sure the compass sensor is calibrated and far away from anything that can cause interference and then GPS modes should work better.


Hi Alex.
I´m using iNav. And both compass and GPS are spot on. Why it drifts in modes other than angle is kind of strange, but i´ll look more into PID´s so I can tune it to be less sluggish.



Ok, my mistake… then yes fine tuning the GPS PID’s would be your best bet.

However if the drifting is more circular (sometimes called toilet bowling) then that would suggest it’s a compass issue.


I´m not sure how to fine tune the GPS PID´s, but i´ll see if I can find it in PID´s in iNav. The craft is not toilet bowling when in modes, other than Angle, it´s drifting to the right but are steady as a rock when in Angel mode.



I’ve had a look at the Beitian BN800 Ublox NEO-M8N BN-800 on BangGood, there is no mention of this having a Magnetometer onboard. This coupled with the SP F3 may be the issue. Is your F3 an Acro or Deluxe? If it’s Acro, then you have no compass or Barometer, so it’s trying to do everything on GPS alone. Having a Mag and Baro will greatly improve Position/Altitude hold.


Hi Rickolas
I know it´s no mention of a MAG on this GPS, but it is, and it´s working in iNav and I get 15-19 satellites. I had to remove the internal Mag as the one on the Beitian and the one on board is the same and the one on board can´t be turned off.

EDIT: When time allows I´ll make a video of it´s behavior in the different modes.