Diatone GT-M5 Marauder FPV Quadcopter Kit (PNP)

Just bought the GT-M5 Unmanned Tech, having trouble getting the FrSky R-XSR EU-LBT so show up in Betaflight 10.40. It has power green and blue light and the QX7 moans which I unplug the lipo. In the receiver tab nothing happens, Ive tried changing the Uarts 123 rx channel but nothing. Has anyone got an idea what this could be? Cheers Phil

Could you let me know what LED’s are showing on your receiver and how they are flashing, as maybe your RX is set to output CPPM and not SBUS the video below should help explain:

I also cant recall off hand which UART port the receiver pins use on the Fury F3S… but I will check tomorrow when back in the office.

I think you have the wrong pin for SBUS on your FC

according to the manual you should be on the far right pin.
and you need UART 3


manual link

First, thank you for your reply

The receiver I used is taken out of my Diatone Marauder M515 Ultralight, so know it works. Blue and green light S.Bus.

Then pin in on the FC is from a F3, is the GT-M5 a F3S? I’ll give it a go and get back to you.

Found this vid, jump to 21.32 Diatone M530 Stretch Review | Unboxing | FrSky Receiver Install | Drone of the Year - YouTube

So by the diagram above I’ll be using the S.Bus on the F3 which is the 3v on the F3S. Not sure if I want to do that.

Anyone else have the same prob with their GT-M5?

Found the F3S, I think it must be the my FC that is not working

If you have a volt meter you could pin out the pads.

find the 5v and 3.3v then depending where the 3.3v pad is your know where the s.bus pin is.
Plus you wont risk popping your Rx

I have spoken with diatone and can confirm that SBUS is on UART1 for the Fury F3S FC.

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