Diatone Tyrant S 215 2017 Receiver Connection Issue

Hello all,

Please bear with me as I am completely new to the hobby.

I recently purchased a Diatone Tyrant S 215 2017 model which comes with a D-Link F3 V3 flight controller. As with most newbies, I also purchased a FlySky TX and a FS-iA6B.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any videos on YouTube showing exactly how to connect the two, specifically for the the D-Link FC - it seems a lot easier using other FC’s.

As seen in the images, the flight controller has a UART1, UART2 and an SBUS port. They have supplied the 4-Pin Nano JST cables (in white) but I’m not sure if I can a) crimp the ends and make my own JR lead (that goes directly into the FS-iA6B or alternatively, if I can solder the JR lead to the FC.

I am really struggling to understand how to connect the two and what cables are required and/or soldering needs to be done. I’ve had the drone for for two months in the box waiting to take it on its maiden flight.

As mentioned earlier, I am a complete newbie so would very much appreciate a hand-holding as a step by step.

Thank you in advance!

In general you want to connect your reciever via sbus /ibus (essentially the same thing) instead of ppm. But both will be fine.

With the FC you get a cable that is for ppm/sbus. So once you decide what method you want to do you need to connect it to the appropriate pins on your reciever. For sbus/ibus you connect to the horizontal connector on the top right of the reciever.

Then you need to select SBUS(ibus)/ppm within the configuration in betaflight. Also with the flysky radio you need to go to the menu to enable/disable ppm mode depending on your preference.

I can recall off hand all the info but that should help get you started… let me know if you have any more specific questions.

In terms of setting up the reciever in betaflight, this video should help… just for your Rx, I stead of selecting sbus, select ibus.

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your reply here.
Unfortunately, I never received a PPM/SBUS cable with my FC.

I contacted Diatone HK and they said that the wires (in image) are the only ones they send now as apparently people were saying how they don’t use this method to connect to their receivers, and they saw it as a waste to supply - just my luck.

Do you know where I can get this cable? I need a 4-pin nano JST cable to 3-cable JR servo cable for the above to setup but I cannot find this anywhere.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Maybe they did not understand you as if they don’t include that cable how are you supposed to connect your Rx to the FC? I know they don’t include a pwm cable, but they should include a ppm/sbus cable?

Did you order your tyrant from us? I am sure that we have some spare ones lying around so if you need it I am sure I can get it sent to you.

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately, I did not purchase the Tyrant from yourselves (I wish I had found Unmanned Tech before, it would have saved me 30 days of waiting for delivery, thanks Banggood).

I am more than happy to pay for the spare wire and even pick it up if needs be. Please do let me know?

Also, with regards to Diatone HK team understanding my request, they knew full well what I had asked as they even sent me a picture of the cable that I need (see below)