NEW D-link F3 V3

I’ve seen on Facebook that Diatone are releasing their new board the V3! its very similar to the V2 but they have taken on feedback and made it more robust.What do you guys think of it? is it worth getting over the V2?
I did also wonder , will this just plug and fly with the tyrant s?

Unless you have a problem with your current v2 board, there is not a huge motivation to upgrade as there is nothing new with the v3. But the pinout is the same so it should be plug and play with tyrant s. Also diatone have told us that v3 boards will only be ready in May sometime.

Also with the recent v2 boards have a couple extra diodes to fix the problems with the initial batch of v2 dlink boards.

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Yes my V2 came damaged, as soon as I plugged the battery in it blinked for 1 second and then accepted no power from the PDB and only from the USB. I did check my battery before hand ,it was a 3S 1500mah which works fine with my other kit. I think there was some kind of problem with the soldering (two contacts had a linked in manufacture and shorted?) I’ve been in contact with Diatone and they are going to send me a replacement under warranty, just have to send it back to Hong Kong :cry: and wait a month.

At least you get a new one :slight_smile: if you purchased it from us send support an email and we can arrange a replacement for you as it’s abit faster/closer than HK!