Diatone D-Link F3 V1 vs D-link F3 V2

Along with the new Tyrant S 215, diatone have included an updated version of their all in one Dlink F3 flight controller. So i figured its a good idea to talk about the differences.

Fundamentally the same flight controller

If you already have the D-Link, there is not much need to rush out and purchase the V2. The new V2 is mainly just a hardware revision rather than an entirely new flight controller i.e both V1 and V2 use the same MCU, the same sensors and have exactly the same specs. The only real difference is that the V2 has an improved PDB layout.

  • Both use MPU6050 IMU
  • Both have same F3 MCU
  • Both have a built in PDB for 4x ESC rated to 120A (4x 30A ESC)
  • Can use 6 motor outputs (two extra on bottom of board), but PDB only has power routing for 4x ESC
  • Both include a 5V 500mA & 3.3V 50mA BEC
  • Both Support 3-6S Lipo Input

Dlink F3 V2 has an optimised PCB Layout

  • Added USB port directly (no need to use the CP2012 module like on the V1 board
  • ESC connectors are now through hole connectors, and signal wire are better located at the ESC power connectors to make for a neater installation.
  • Added a 64M Flash chip for blackbox logging
  • Added a Galvanometer (current sensor), not sure about its exact specs but I assume it will be rated to 120A like the PDB.

Side by side board comparison


So the new V2 of the Dlink board has some cool extra features but I don’t think there is any particular reason to rush out and buy one if you already have the V1 as the only new things are a blackbox recording and a current sensor. Both of which are great additions but you are not going to get any extra performance as they both use the same IMU and MCU.

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