Diatone GT-R90 V2 - what has changed?



When diatone released the GT-R90, it was very popular among some reviewers who still highly recommend it. But based on alot of feedback from customers there where two flaws that annoyed people.

1 - The 32Khz Gyro was too sensitive and caused the quad to twitch due to vibrations.
2 - ESC and motors caused abit of noise on the FPV video feed.

Some pilots could live with those issues, but either way there is no disputing the fact that the GT-R90 is still one of the fastest 2 inch quads around.

The good news is that Diatone have taken customer feedback onboard and recently re-released the newer version that is going by the name GT-R90 V2. The have kept all of the good things like the motors, TBS unify etc… So what is new?

  1. All new flight controller (F4M V2) that has some new hardware design tweaks to better filter noise.
  2. F4M V2 also now uses the MPU6000 IMU, which we all know is much more robust to noise. But it only runs at 8Khz (opposed to 32Khz on the original GT-R90). However I think 8KHz is still more than good enough especial when now you dont need to worry about vibrations as much.
  3. Pre-installed low ESR capacitor to help with noise filtering.
  4. New mounting stack the new mounting stack has changed to a more traditional approach. This also now includes some silicone grommets for the FC (further vibration damping).
  5. Gemfan 2030 props included as standard
  6. ESC upgrade to F25HV 4S Dshot 600

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