New Diatone GT R90 Kits

DIatone have just sent us details of their new GT R90 frame for 2019. We loved the original version as is was seriously fast.

The new R90 will come in lots of variants. From 2, 2.5 and 3 inch and both available in 3S or 4S versions.

New GT R90 2019 specs

  • FC: Mamba F405mini/MPU6000 ;OSD;16M Flash;BEC
  • Camera: RunCam Micro Swift
  • VTX: RunCam TX200 25/200mW
  • ESC: Mamba F25 /25A 3S ESC Dshot 600
  • Motor: Mamba Racing MB1105 5500KV (for 2 and 2.5inch)
  • Motor: Mamba Racing MB1408 4000KV (for 3 inch)

And lastly some images.

I like how they have minimised weight by just using a plastic cage along the top with only 2 spacers… It should be plenty strong enough, but the quads come in at around 70-80 grams (for 2 and 2.5 inch) and 130g for the 3 inch.

Ditch the prop guard and save weight straight way.

Do they give any clues to flight times?

No I dont know the flight time, but expect it to be the same ballpark as any other 2/3 inch quad… so only around 5 min if you are lucky I guess.

But I suspect on the 2 inch the prop guards are there to compete against some of the other brushless tiny whoop offerings so you can fly indoors.