1st racing quad - Diatone?

I’m looking for my 1st racing drone/ quad. I’ve watched lots of reviews on YouTube and need some final advice.
Would I be better with a Walkera F210 or one of the new Diatone models; the Crusader GT 200 & Tyrant S 215?

I am looking for a really good and strong racing quad that would be able to go from 1st quad to advanced without the need to buy a faster one.

I have flown helicopters line of sight before and had a couple of goes on a mates drone, and the basics are easy enough.
With this new quad - I plan to go FPV.
I want it for flying low and fast around obstacles (and sometimes higher for acro.)

Your advice is greatly appreciated


Having spent over a month trying to put together a package as a beginner I got a Frsky TX with a Crusader GT2 frame and tried putting it together with the same parts that the GT2 would normally have. main issue is the wait times for parts that would seem to have a lowish quality build and consequently have to be returned and now waiting on the parts to come back again!! E.g. D-Link FC and SP3 VTX. And consequently I havent been flying once!

In MY opinion I would get the following:

https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/wizard-x220-rtf-freestyle-fpv-quadcopter/ which has excellent right ups and is available today and inexpensive! £195.99

I would also get this https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/turnigy-evolution-gamepad-style-radio-control/ £74.95 as its inexpensive and for racing drones has enough range and options. Even though the Tarannis seems the go to controller many Pros who use it are using this instead, as its simple and suits their needs for DRONE RACING :slight_smile:

And for Goggles after much research and THINKING about what I really need and want (Diversity antennas, Picture in Picture, Multiple channel options, de misting, and a range of fittings plus 16:9 view. I bought these: FPV Quadcopters For Sale - T9Hobbysport.com £264.00

This is purely my point of view, but I hope it helps.


Thanks Steve. All advice is super helpful.
I am keen on going for that Xbox/ PlayStation looking controller - just seems to be sold out everywhere!

Was the kit you went for the diatone crusader GT2? & was it this that had poor/ low quality parts?Thanks Steve. All advice is super helpful.
I am keen on going for that Xbox/ PlayStation looking controller - just seems to be sold out everywhere!

Was the kit you went for the diatone crusader GT2? & was it this that had poor/ low quality parts?


Yeah, it was the Diatone crusader GT2. The FC that comes with it is the D-Link, but Diatone are now doing a D-Link version 2, which may or may not resolve the issues I have encountered, or it may be that I was just an unlucky sod!

I have had a D-Link break on me, had the SP3 VTX break on me! but to be fair I have had a Streak F4 V2 break on me. I bought a monitor on Amazon to test cameras, that came and doesnt work! Maybe I am just an unlucky Mofo!? Lol.

It seems this hobby could be very testing!

I wanted to buy a RTF GT2 from unmanned but they were sold out, so I tried to replicate what parts I could from different vendors in order to build one. Would i do the same if I had the chance again? Nope. But then I wouldnt have learned how to solder, how to test connections etc, which I would have to learn anyway.

I just think from my experience I can safely say get the drone sims, velocidrone, FPV Event PE, Freerider, try as many as you can. Once you can fly in those you are more than halfway there! Use teh controller you are going to use to fly on the sims, get the muscle memory down from the sims. What controller do you use now?

Then get a RTF or ARTF drone and be prepared to crash it,lol. Take it very easy at first and gradually push the envelope over time. make sure you have the safety switches set up on your chosen drone, make sure the drone has a buzzer installed.

Oh! if you are a pincher rather than a thumber on your radio TX then maybe the Turnigy wont be the best as it doesnt seem to suit pinchers that well!

Do bear in mind I am new to this hobby and can only give you advice based on my experiences and research.


From what I’ve seen the wizard can’t be compared to by the the diatone, the gt2 is a beast and the drone alone costs more than the whole wizard package
If your looking for a beginners drone wizard is good but the gt2 packs a big punch, I want the gt2 myself but I know there’s no point till I can fly a little more reliably

It’s helpful to get the experiences from a newbie (as I’m one too).
I’m a thumber - and do like the look of the Turnigy Evolution- just that everywhere is sold out.
My old r/c from the heli’s is somewhat out of date now.
I had quite a few people recommend building it, so I know how to fix it after a big crash.
Finding it a hard decision between that and RTF - as I assume it’s going to be a pretty steep learning curve building your 1st Quad.

Hi JC39,
I probably don’t have your experience in the hobby but I’ve built two dozen of racers for a year.
I flown different walkera including the F210. Walkera quads are definitely not strong neither powerful racers. They are not racer at all according to me. Lots of issues, VERY complicated and expensive to repair… and since you flown helicopters you know that you will have to repair a lot…
Why don’t you build your own quad?
Anyways, if you want to buy a BNF quad, the 3 Crusaders GT2 are one of the best options.
I own a Wizard V2, to be honest, it’s really good!!! You just have to add a Vbat wire and a buzzer… cheap, simple built, good components easily available and easy to repair. The cam is average, but you can change it look later.
I own a Crusader GT2 150 and my fly buddy owns a 210. They are really good machines. High end components except the cam, really average despite the price…
The 150 does have the best efficiency and it’s very hard to fly more than 3-5 minutes… It’s a bit annoying, but it’s very agile and very powerful.
The 210 is a beast!
But my best quads are the one I built myself…
You can find some of them here : IndyQuad
Like it if you like. :wink:

From my exxperience i would say stay away from Walkera crap

Thanks for your input.
Your builds look good.
I am seriously thinking about building one. I’ve built models before but they’ve always been kits (so I didn’t have to pick the parts myself and worry about compatibility).
Are there any frames you would recommend? The main requirements is want is a strong robust frame (solid 4mm thick), probably a stretched X/ H to give me a little more space for the build & to store the battery on top for better protection in a crash.
I’d also really like one that looks sleek (which will probably mean more money).
I’d like something around the 200-220 size to run 5" props.
Your thoughts?

Yes. I think from what everyone has been saying I’ll give the Walkera a miss.
Glad I’ve looked in to it in detail. As initially I thought it seemed like a good buy, and the few video reviews were fairly positive.

The Martian 2 frame is a good frame, if you are in the UK quad hut has them if not bangood does as well. It’s a clone of the alien by impulse rc and it has 4mm arms so it will be tough. It’s got a big building area but it still is an x frame

Mind out though the inbuilt pdb has no voltage regulators! I would suggest a new pdb