Diatone Crusader GT2 2017 FPV Racer (GT200) - whats new?

So a few days ago Diatone send us some details on their new GT2 replacement, creatively calling it the GT2017 :stuck_out_tongue: or GT200

Fundamentally the new GT2017 quadcopter kit just uses new updated hardware to bring it back to the cutting edge. Its also great that the price is also unchanged. However interestingly a stretch version is also offered, but its slightly more expensive (due to more CF used on the frame)

What has changed from GT2 to GT2017?

I have still not had a chance to test one of these, but here is what diatone have said about the new frame

  • Special motor damping mounts
  • Aluminium ESC protectors
  • Dshot ESC (BLheli_s)
  • New flight controller with integrated betaflight OSD! Will have F3 and F4 versions.
  • Improved FPV camera

Why should I consider the stretch arm version?

A while back now, with all of the hundreds of unique frame designs some pilots started noticing that the longer stretch arm design had some unique flight characteristics. This longer ‘wheelbase’ provide more ‘grip’ when cornering, giving the impression of flying on rails. Some people says it increases acceleration too. So now you can get on this hype train :bullettrain_front: too with the GT2017!

Where to Buy

The Crusader GT2017 are now on pre-order at Unmanned Tech.

Any update on when they are being shipped? :slight_smile:

Anything? Would be good to have it before the weekend.