Best way to mount RX antenna on diatone crusader GT200?

I was wondering if anyone else has a great idea on how they mounted their RX antenna on the crusader GT2, as if you dont do it right, when you crash you will probably cut them with the props…

So far here is my best solution (after a few attempts)…

What I did is use two zipties, loop them over with the RX antenna on the inside, and then secured them all together with some heatshrink… I also made sure that both the antennas are vertical (as much as possible)

This way in a crash when the quad lands upside down, neither one of the antennas will be able to be pulled into the props as they support each other.

However, if anyone has a better method would love to see it! Otherwise hope this helps…

I like do put the Antenna beneath the Esc Power wires…
The only Problem is that it is now horizontal :smiley:
I think your solution is one of the best that are ‘possible’ :slight_smile:


Yes, as @Luca has said that’s a good solution.
Ideally the two antennas wires should be straight and at 90deg. to each other for best reception.
Having said that, for short range racing it does not have to be that strict. (my OCD is kicking in here :laughing: :laughing:)
On a couple of my 250’s I have taken the wires below the bottom deck at the front and laid them out rearwards and underneath at an angle of about 30-45deg. which seems to work well.
I’ve always lost FPV before RC control :grin:

Steve :slight_smile:

So maybe the most ideal solution would be to have one antenna on my loop so it is vertical, and then another at 90 degrees like @Luca :stuck_out_tongue:. Then you should get good reception no matter how you are flying!

Also this assumes that both antennas are for Rx, as sometimes one of them is used to send telemetry back.