Diatone Crusader GT2

Hey guys,
Had this quad for about 4 months now and love it! Just wanted to add some LEDs to it, any body have any experience with this? You get a few strips with the quad so I would assume there is a way to install them,

you would have to solder positive and negative wires proably to the FC then you can set the leds up in betaflight or cleanflight

Cool they don’t need a signal wire or anything then?

I don’t have the crusader so I’m not sure, but u should have a manual with it, I’m sure it mentions it in there

Just bought mine and tearing around on it but she’s a bit on the heaver side.

All you need to do to control your led is to connect power to them, Icant recall what voltage they need, but it’s usually 5v, so you can power then from a 5v pin on the flight controller. Otherwise if they a are 12v and you are using a 3S battery you can just power then from your battery/off the pdb on the dlink board.

As for controlling the led, you need to connect the signal from the led output pin on your dlink FC to the signal pin your led, you can daisy chain them together.
Depending what version of the dlink board you have, here are the pinouts