Rxsr antennas came off?

When reinstalling them do I need to put the longer antenna back on the same side it was on ?
The one on the right side of the receiver is slightly longer antenna wire.
Do I have to put the longer one back on the same side of the receiver???

Could you specify what you mean with longer antenna?
The Rxsr Receiver should have two identical antennas

Yes I can.
With the receiver lights facing up so I can see them with the receiver mounted on top the quad copter stack. The antenna wire on the right was about a half inch longer. Than the one on the left side. This is with the lights facing up so I can see the binding status.

The reason I ask is because I remember reading an article on antenna wires being a specific length.
my wires were not cut or shortened in any way by me they came from the factory with one wire about a half inch longer the one on the right if the receiver lights are facing up so I can see them.
In summation: I’m asking this question because I have since reinstalled the antennas I thought I had put them on the correct sides the right side being longer the left side being shorter.
after inspection I put the longer wire on the left in the shorter wire on the right. The quadcopter binds and we’ll fly I just haven’t done any range testing.
I’m hoping that the antenna wires being the same length just on different receiver antenna pads equals out to the same antenna length so it shouldn’t matter???
I’m going to test it and I’ll post bacc if I have any findings.
the reason why I don’t just reverse it is because I glue the wires on and I put everything back together already. Lol
I am still new to the hobby :blush: