Walkera qr x350 pro (where to put the 2 signal wires that come from the bottom of the body)

I have set up my qr x350 pro bnf, with devo f7. I am just worried as where to put the to receiver wires. (Connect them on inside of landing leg) or let them hang. I have seen pictures of them hanging, also pictures where no receiver wires visible. I don’t want to fly far out and lose signal.

My suggestion would be to connect them on the inside of the legs as there is space for them there. It can be abit fiddly to get them secured but its better as you dont want some wires just hanging on hte bottom of your quadcopter.

Thanks for your help again. I have got the quad in the air and flying as normal apart from when in GPS mode when throttle stick at 50% it’s a bit erratic and spins a bit but still holds its position. Any ideas what this could be? Had nothing but trouble with this quad, but it seems I’m not far from getting it correct. Thanks for any help

I think I answered you in another post, but I do think its a compass calibration issue

Thanks for your help. I will re calibrate. Weather is bad here at the minute so not had chance to fly. The instructions state to calibrate then disconnect the battery, re connect then fly. I think that’s what it means anyway. It’s obviously Chinese so who knows. Is this the correct way? Or should I calibrate and then fly.?