Walkera qr x350 pro GPS fault

Hello. Sorry to ask more questions. Had my quad in the air earlier. Activated GPS hold, in GPS hold it seems to loiter quite well, yet the quad seems to keep turning a bit to to the right and jolting a bit. I had another quad exactly the same not long back and the GPS hold was perfect. I don’t trust this quad. The only good thing I can say about it is, I had it in the air earlier and my devo f7 battery went. It landed about 6 feet from me but in my neighbours alley way. No damage at all. So it isn’t a GPS fault. Watch vid. Thanks again.

Do you maybe have a video showing the GPS hold of your quadcopter? Also have you made sure to go through and double check the compass calibration, as poor compass calibration is usualy the main cause for poor GPS hold with quadcopters.