How to connect FY G3 Gimbal to Walkera qr X350 Pro?

Im new to this, can someone guide me to connect FY G3 gimbal to Walkera qr X350 Pro? any possible manual online that can guide me to do this? Thanks!


Because the X350 Pro has mounting holes similar the DJI phantom, most other gimbals can easily attach underneath it.

What you will need

  • New style plastic gimbal mount for Walkera X350 Pro (included with all X350 Pro we sell since middle of June
  • 2x longer M3 screws (M3x15)
  • 1x M3 lock nut

Attaching the FY-G3 to the Walkera X350 Pro

  • The first step is to remove the gimbal attachment clip which is shown below.

  • On the plastic attachment clip you will notice 3 holes, two close together on the back, and one on the front. Before attaching this to the top plate of the FY-G3 gimbal we will first flip it around so that the countersunk holes will be facing downwards. You will then need to fit one of the shorter screws through the back most hole and attach the FY-G3 mounting plate with the lock nut as shown (I did not use a lock nut)

  • The next step is to use the two longer screws to now attach the gimbal and plastic attachment to the X350 Pro frame as shown below

One thing you might want to consider is that that the back part of the FY-G3 mount gets in the way of the battery door slightly, but there is still enough room to get the battery in and out, its just abit more awkward.

Connecting the Fy-G3 to the X350 Pro

The X350 Pro has two cables that you will need to use to connect the FY-G3, the first is the power cable which outputs the battery voltage to power your gimbal, and then the signal cables from the receiver to control the gimbal. However because the connectors for the power cable is differant you will need to do some soldering here, I suggest you swap then for some JST connectors but you can also solder the cable that comes with the FY-G3 directly to the power cable from the X350 pro.

As for connecting the signal cables, just follow the guide according the the FY-G3 manual. I cant recall off hand which is for what, but I believe the pitch cable from X350 Pro should go to the connect closest to the power one (labeled white cable in manual) and the roll is the red wire in the manual, but I could be wrong about this, if its wrong just swap them around :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that helps

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Thank you for a very quick reply, this guide helps a lot, THANKS!