Walkera QR X350 Pro - best alternative to DJI phantom?

I have been playing with a sample of the Walkera QR X350 Pro quadcopter over the last week and have been pleasantly surprised by it. It its great to see they have listened to customer feedback from their first version (QR X350) released last year and made some massive improvements on the firmware and the new flight controller.

Specs wise the most impressive claim is that it can fly for up to 25min. The included 5200mah battery is the reason for this and it really makes for some fun and long flights!

The other cool thing is the included brushless gimbal, its designed for thier iLook camera which is kind of cool as it has built in FPV, but other than that its not so great so I dont suggest getting the version with it. Its much better to use a GoPro (or alternative) with your own FPV transmitter. But if you want something easy, and are happy with recording at 720p then the iLook camera is great for that! Otherwise the stabilization of the brushless gimbal is rock solid!

QR X350 Specs

What version will Unmanned Tech Sell?

To start we have a batch of the RTF versions that come with everything you need to fly including the battery, Devo 10 transmitter and brushless gimbal. This will sell for about £460 including UK shipping. In the future we will probably introduce the bind and fly version so that you can use your own radio if you want. We will also sell a FPV pack that you can add for wireless video which we are just busy testing.

Walkera QR X350 Pro Quickstart Video

Where can I find the manual?

You can find the manual for the walkera QR X350 Pro here, including some videos showing you how to attach the brushless gimbal and fly.