Walkera Scout X4 - Follow Me Quadcopter

Thinking of buying a DJI Phantom this Christmas :christmas_tree:? Well my suggestion would be wait a little while as the scout will blow it away. The Scout X4 is an improvement on the X350 Pro quadcopter and based on user feedback they have added one major feature, 2 way telemetry :radio:. Not only does this quadcopter have telemetry and all the features of the IRIS+, but it has a longer flight time (25min), and retractable landing gear.

For those who don’t like reading here is the promo video, and you can buy one here

Android and IOS ground station support!

Another great feature that many of you who have an IOS device will appreciate is that the scout X4 finally brings telemetry support to your devices (as well as android devices). So those of you who felt like you where missing out on droidplanner can now use some of hte ground station features with your iphone/ipad. I have not used the ground control software yet but I dont think it will include things like survey features, but sine this is more of an action quad most of us will just be using the follow me feature!

Previosuly you could only use anroid devices as a ground station with your arducopter because IOS devices did not support USB host so you could not plug in the telemetry radios. The Scout X4 manages to overcome this by including a bluetooth telemetry adapter so you dont need to plug anything into your tablet…

Otherwise it will also include the Devo F12 radio and probably an option with the iLook+ camera giving you a great plug and fly FPV system so you can see what you are recording with the Scout X4 quadcopter.

Otherwise it includes all of the same features as the X350 Pro/ Tali H500 such as integrated smart battery, auto return to home etc…

I will add more details and comments soon after we have properly tested it.

My big question would be, is it mission planner compatable like the 350 pro?

I am yet to confirm this as our test scout X4 is still on the way, but I am fairy certain that it will support mission planner as it comes with a bluetooth bridge, so if you have bluetooth on your PC/Laptop it should work as I believe it uses MAVlink.

However walkera are also releasing their own version of mission planner for android and IOS devices. So you will be able to use features such as waypoint flight, follow me irrespective if it works with mission planner or not.

There is Teaching Vedio Code bindling&Compass calibration of Walkera Scout X4,really helpful

It looks amazing. So do a lot of things from a distance. I’d be careful of Walkera. They don’t have the best service reputation. They claim a lot of function, but will it work? Who knows. The X4 for example advertises OS support, but they haven’t built the app yet. I asked again about the apple/OS support; here’s an email from Walkera; you decide if this meets your expectations:
We’ve just finished the Android system talet PC GCS app now. The one we use for testing is SAMSUNG. Andorid system must be 4.0 or above.

Advertising features that aren’t even built or tested yet. Shame on them. Make an informed decision.