Walkera X350 Ultimate quadcopter

Here is a video from CES2015 of a upcomming new quadcopter from walkera. The X350 Pro GCS edition has recently been announced so I am not sure when this X350 Ultimate will be released or how it will fit in. Either way it looks I still like the fact that walkera use the arducopter firmware. Here is a video showing off the Walkera X350 Ultimate. Overall it looks abit like a mini Scout X4 quadcopter.

Some cool things of this quadcopter include a 4K built in camera with built in FPV. But you still have the option to apparently add a brushless gimbal for your gopro camera. Another neat feature that I assume will be present on most of the newly released walkera drones is that they are using dual band GPS so it can pickup signals from both the USA GPS system and the Russian one (GLONASS) which is pretty cool. And the last cool thing is that it uses the same style motor mounts as the scout X4 so that could mean that it can support an X8 configuration!