QR X350,Devo 7, iLook+, G-D3 gimbal, Wire connections, Help please!

Hi folks,
I have recently joined your forum having just taken up the wonderful hobby of drone flying. I have mastered the flying side so have invested in the purchase of my iLook+ camera and G-3D gimbal. Both items have arrived brand new in their boxes, including wires with what appears to be idiot proof plugs. Try as I might I just cannot figure out how they all connect up. This is not helped by the terminology being different between the gimbal and camera instructions.
I would really appreciate some help with sorting this out, if any one out there has the same kit, or knowledge of how it connects.
Here’s hoping
Cheers steve

Hi and welcome to the forms and the drone hobby :thumbsup:

The image below will show you all teh connectors for the G3D gimbal, but I have also just updated the quickstart manual for the gimbal over on our site - Walkera G3D gimbal manual

If you have any questions just let me know and I will try to help. But we dont sell this gimbal anymore but they are all similar so I might be able to help :smile:

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