How to invert FY G3 gimbal for fixed wing FPV aircraft

The Fy G3 (now mini 3D) is mostly used on multirotors so is designed to be mounted with the camera hanging underneath your qaudcopter. However if you plan to use this gimbal onboard your FPV drone its not always a great idea as if you land a little to hard you could end up damaging the gimbal or your camera. This can be solved by building a retractable camera mount, but another easier option is to just mount the gimbal inverted on the top of your FPV aircraft. This is a quick guide on how to do this on your FY G3 3 axis Gimbal.

Firstly if you are using a 2 axis G3 gimbal, then you just need to mount it upside down and yo are good do go, but the extra 3rd axis of the 3 axis version requires abit of extra work. If you simply mount your gimbal upside down it will stabilize the camera but your gopro will face the roll motor which is not exactly what you want to see in your videos. All you need to do is rotate the roll arm, and roll motor by 180 degrees.

How to invert your FY G3 3 axis gimbal.

The first thing is to remote the 4 screws holding the roll axis arm on the gimbal. When doing this please be careful to take note of the roll motor position as you will need to rotate the arm, and the roll motor by 180 degrees.

Once the screws are undone you will need to rotate the arm 180 degrees

Also remember to rotate the roll motor 180 degrees before attaching the screws again

Now you can attach the screws and when you turn on the gimbal you will see it working as it should in inverted mode.

If your yaw axis acts crazy and swivels from side to side the problem is that the roll motor is not at the correct orientation. So you will need to detach the roll arm again and rotate the roll motor, there are 4 possible orientations.

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my fy g3 gimbal is fixed underneath my quadcopter and I have to rotate the roll arm of the gimbal like this gimbal ( i join you a photo)
because i need to have access to the hdmi port of my camera (which is on the right side of my camera ), Can i use the same method as you ?
thank you