FY-G3 Gimbal locking for FPV

Is is possible to turn off or rather lock the gimbal in fight, I am thinking when flying to or from a point of interest having the gimbal stabilizing the video is robbing you of roll and pitch feedback which would help with flying but when at the point of interest obviously a stable video is much better.

The reason I ask is that I am thinking of using the gopro for recording and FPV, the alternative I guess is mounting a mini cam and a video switch but then if I want to video a flight as a ‘flight’ the gopro would need taking out of the gimbal to fix in position on the copter.

I guess if you want to lock the gimbal in flight then you dont realy need to use a gimbal, just mount the gopro :camera: directly to the frame! I have found that also to be a little hard to judge what the copter is doing when flying FPV with a gimbal. If using a gimbal I would fly in loiter mode and let the autopilot take care of everything. Then just use your sticks to move the camera for a nice stable view, so you are flying the camera if you get what I mean?

But if you are after some more adventurous FPV flying then I suggest you either directly mount the camera, or get another small FPV camera and just record with the gopro.

yes after much googling I came to the conclusion that a gopro lead, another cmos fpv camera and a video switch is really the only sensible solution.

Just taking gopro out of gimbal and remounting onto frame for action video is a bit of a chore.