Problem with wiring of r-xsr Receiver

I am having trouble setting up a new r-xsr receiver to my G730L 7’ quad. This is the flight controller on the drone and I have wired the un-inverted SBUS pad from the r-xsr to the SBUS pad on the FC. I am not sure which UART to connect to in betaflight because this is the only diagram of the flight controller I could find.

Since the FC is a clone of another FC open the CLI and type “dump”. It will show which Firmware it is running. Then simply Google the FC for a manual.

If this doesnt work do it the old fashion way and just solder the Receiver and try out every UART Port after another.

I had a similar issue with my r-xsr Receiver.
The inversion hack did the trick.

Oscar Liang has a wonderful tutorial.

can i just ask what wires you are using from receiver, just in case this is your 1st r-xsr, from the ground wire.
1st wire ground, 2nd wire positive then 4th wire is SBUS not the third.