Unmanned tech read this - crusader gt2 stock arrival

Do you know when the crusader gt2s are coming, my friend has been waiting weeks and I’m getting awfully lonely in the sky’s on my own
What’s taking them so long?

Firstly, I am sorry about the delay in replying to you, I don’t know ow why I missed this post, especially with the title you have it!

We are talking with diatone, and all of their gt2 kits are delayed but we should hopefully get them in towards the end of next week/ early the week after, as that was the latest update we received. DlWe are getting some of them shipped via air freight to avoid any extra delays so they will get here within 4-5 days after they are shipped. I will be able to let you know ow on Monday of any updates

Well hopefully they don’t take too much longer, what about the new taranis qx7 think he’s waiting for those too??