Diatone Crusader GT2 FPV Racer

A couple days ago we found out that diatone are currently working on a new version of the popular Crusader FPV series, the new variant is called the Crusadder GT2. I still dont have full details but here are a few early images of the frame prototype which look realy nice. I will lhave some more details very soon and will update this post. But its safe to say you will see them in our shop very soon :slight_smile:

As you can see its a super low profile racer and will be available in 150, 175 and 200mm frame sizes.

The bottom has the crusader logo etched on the bottom incase you forget what quadcopter it is :stuck_out_tongue:. And it has a neat looking aluminium battery strap holder on the bottom, but it might also be used for something else.

May have to add some padding to protect the battery from the hump.

when will you have the 200 frames back in stock?

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I hope this week next as they have been on the way to us for some time now :smile: have you signed up for a stock notification?

The 200 frames are out of stock already lol FML, how long for restock? Iā€™m signed up to stock notifications cheers

We do have more on the way already but as factory has been closed for Chineese New Years it has added some delays. If you want to backorder one just send support an email and we can arrange that for you so you dont miss out when more arrive (but we have ordered more than last time so it should have enough stock for a few weeks at least.