New Diatone: Crusader GT 200 Or Tyrant S 215?

What is the difference between these 2 new racing quads from Diatone? Crusader GT 200 & Tyrant S 215
What are the differences in flying characteristics?
I am looking for a really good and strong racing quad that would be able to go from 1st quad to advanced without the need to buy a faster one.
Previous experience flying helicopters line of sight. With the quad - I plan to go FPV.
I want it for flying low and fast around obstacles (and sometimes higher for acro).


if you dont know the difference between these two racers than i strongly recommand that you buy tyrant s . i have both of them and i can tell you from mine expiriance that both are very good but tyrant s is liitle more stronger and durably built frame . He is not that fast like gt200 but i sure you that especially for begginers it is MORE than enough fast

I agree with @turbeki, gt2 is faster but abit more awkward to fix.

And with racing, since you are pushing the limits you will crash and break stuff… part of the sport so I would not worry too much about buying the best/fastest stuff at the start, but it is important to get something decent. As if you are new to this it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference if something is faulty or just that you did something wrong.