New to Racing Drones. Help Please


I’m very new to FPV. I have a P4 drone and that’s fun. I’m wanting to buy a racing drone but there seems to be such a huge choice, I’m a bit lost and any help would be much appreciated.

I have a pair of Dom V3 goggles with head tracker but no receiver as yet.

I’m probably looking at spending approx. 350 to 450 on the racer incl everything.

Could you poss point me in a good direction? Can I swap the camera it may come with for a 16.9 to best suit my goggles? Is it acceptable to use a 2.4gz controller to steer the drone and 5.8 for video?

I quite like the Walkera F210 FPV Racing Drone with OSD & DEVO7 Transmitter (RTF) and STORM Racing Drone (RTF / SRD280 V3) but totally open to recommendations.

Thanks in advance, Paul.


I totally understand your situation and FPV racing has become very popular recently and there is so much choise.

I tend to suggest you rather go with a build your own FPV quad kit as you will crash (as you try fly faster and do tricks its gonna happen eventually) and knowing how to repair it makes life much better and it can also be fun.

However the first place to start is with a super cheap toy quadcopter has flying a FPV racer is abit different to a phantom as the racing drones done have GPS. Once you are good at flying then its a good idea to then move onto a FPV racer.

With FPV racers you have 4 options, with first being a ready to fly kit which is equavlent to the phantom 4 in the sense that it arrives fully assembled and inlcudes all the extra gear like radio, batteries and charger. If you want to go down this way something like the Falcon 180, Falcon 250, nighthawk Pro 280, walkera F210, Storm SRD280, These are great because they include all the parts you need but some kits include relatively basic stuff that you will want to upgrade at some stage. (we like the falcon 250 and falcon 180, and nighthawk 280 kits which is why we sell them, as they are more suited to FPV racing since they are much lighter than the walkera/strom quadcopters so you can actualy perform acrobatics with them) I would say that the nighthawk pro 280 is probably the best of the lot.

The second range include almost ready to fly kits which are still assembled, but you need to add your own battery, and R/C controller to them. These are ideal because then you can buy a decent radio to go with them such as the Frsky Taranis. The best quadcopter in this category is the vortex 250 pro, but its pricey and probably not my commendation for your first quad as things can get expensive if you crash. Other great alternatives incude the Tyrant FPV Racer series.

The last option is a DIY kit, these are great as you can learn how to build a quadcopter along the way. We have a couple of kits our you can also put together your own, but I imagine thats something you will want to do once you get your head around everything as there are hundreds of choises!

And if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer them :slight_smile:

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