Newbie to FPV Advice needed

I am looking to get into FPV drone flying, want somewhere to start but expandable. My budget is around £450 total with extra batteries, decent charger and some spare props etc. I have flown drones for some time including Phantoms etc and other RC models none of my gear is suitable so will be starting from new.

I would like something that ticks all my boxes, The Eachine Falcon looks very good value and most write-ups seem quite good but will I miss the OSD that Eachine appeared to do earlier, can this be added. Walkera’s appear to have this but some of the write ups are not so good. I want pre-built to get me going and learning but am prepared to upgrade. How does the emax NightHawk compare

As a glasses wearer with astigmatism (Not too bad) would a stereoscopic headset like a budget Fatshark teleporter be comfortable or would a monoclular viewer such as an Eachine FR007 be better. Normally the more you pay the better, but there are other factors here.

Hope you can help as I should be buying soon.


Sorry about the delays in getting back to you.

Before I make any suggestions is it a FPV racing drone you are after, or more of an aerial filming platform you are looking for? Platforms like the falcon 250 are great, but they are a racing drone and require some practice to learn to fly, whereas something like the 3DR solo does all the flying for you so you dont realy need much practice.

Otherwise it is possible to add an OSD to the falcon, but its quite hands on, so depending on how comfortable you are doing that it might be best to build one from scratch to add your own OSD, as you will basically need to dismantle the falcon 250 to add an OSD anyways.

Hi guys,

Which OSD module would you recommend for the Falcon?


It is a racing drone I am after. I have flown my Dad’s phantoms with LOS and FPV screens but I want a more immersive and faster experience. I’ve flown quads helicopters and aircraft models so am quite familiar with the basics. My main interest is the experience with single and dual screen googles for flying especially if I have to take off my glasses


Cool, just wanted to make sure as I have had the odd person ger rather upset after crashing something like a vortex 250 on their first flight because they where expecting it to be as easy to fly as a phantom so just wanted to make sure :wink:

The falcon 250 is a great beginner kit since it includes all the parts you need (minis FPV goggles) which is great. But since you have some R/C experience I would rather suggest you go for our Tyrant kits and just add your own R/C radio +receiver (or get a taranis) as both are better if you plan to be in the hobby for longer.

In terms of the single screen vs dual screens, I prefer single screen goggles. I myself wear glasses and the nice thing about a single screen headset like the headplay HD is that if you glasses frame is small enough you can actually wear your glasses inside the headset (something that is not possible with dual screen goggles like the fatshark ones)… Also with single screen goggles you dont need to care about IPD (distance between your eyes) to ensure the two screen are properly aligned. But there are many other pilots who prefer dual screen over the single screen goggles, but thats just my opinion.

@crystalmark I would say the micro minimOSD would be best (we will get some more stock in a week or so)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll grab one when they are back in stock.