Which Goggle To Get?


I have the eachine ev800, and while flying the other day they turned off (battery was charged, maybe turned on in my bag). This has now put me off using these as my grab first goggle.

If I wanted to upgrade, what should I be looking at? Attitudes, dominators? Commanders? HD or no HD?
Should I just get the newer ev800d?

Will I miss the large FoV from the box goggles?

I do think I want a smaller, close to the face goggle not the box goggles, but I’m not rich so money has limits.

Thanks for input,

Hey Matt,
I know your Problem… Fatsharks are very expenisve, and you Dont know wich Modules you should take… First of all, DONT buy the Teleporter Goggles… Maybe i can help you a Little Further, if you tell me, how much you want to invest. … :slight_smile:

Hi Luca,

I am not rich, but can put money on the credit card so can get the most expensive, if I have to. But I don’t know if I want to spend £600 on goggles and receivers etc. I would rather spend as little as possible.

Would the aomways be a better choice, or is it go straight to the dominator V3 hds?

Aren’t the aomways commanders the same “spec” as the dominator hd3s, but a lot cheaper?

I can search for a good google for you, but you have to tell me, what on features you need…
automatic channel search etc.
Im sorry for that late answer… was on vacation

If your concerned with how the screen looks when you wear them then i advise you find someone with a pair and try them on or go to a shop, i was very dissapointed with the fatshark type of goggle compared to the big cinema screen i was used to hanging off my face, but you do get used to it, this is what i have to say about some of the goggles your looking at

Dominators V3: Many people go for this goggle fatshark hit the nail on the head in terms of screen size and FOV, can get exspensive when buying premium modules like Laforge
Dom HD3s: Massive FOV very immersive HD image and very very exspensive, many people complained about blurry image with the hd2s due to screen size, keep this in mind.
Aomway commanders: If you find yourself planning to buy the Dom V3s then stop and just buy these insted, same spec and alot cheaper
Eachine or similar: Don’t bother, slimline goggles are where its at


Thanks guys.

After doing much research I have decided to go with the aomway commanders. More suited to my budget and does everything I will need. Now it’s just finding somewhere to sell them, and having them in stock.

Thanks again guys.

yea its a solid choice

DJI also has google. But not cheap, too.

The only advice I can add is that I shelled out the $$$ for fatshark dominators (I think HD3 model), They seem great, but when I tried flying my Phantom 3 Pro with them (I had already done the HDMI mod to controller), my wife was there to spot for me, and good thing!  That's because everything looked farther away than it really was.  I've had no trouble maneuvering by watching my tablet screen (even when I couldn't see my drone), and hoped that the goggles would be an improvement, but they're worse in that sense.  My wife had to keep telling me that I was way too close to obstacles that I couldn't see very well in the goggles, everything looked much farther away than it actually was.  I hope that helps!  
Also, I would prefer to have "true HD" (1920 x 1080 pixels) but I couldn't find anything under $1000, the fatsharks were the closest I could get at the time.

there will be a new goggle released, 100 usd roughly, killing the fatshark.