Fpv goggles upgrade

I am currently usuing ev800d box goggles and im thinking of upgrading to fat shark hd3’s. the question is are there any shops that sell them local to Buckinghamshire where I could actually try them on and see what the picture difference is like, before I handover the best part of £400 to decide I don’t like them.

Try finding local flyers or clubs.
Someone will have a pair


They’re good; but make sure you get a decent FPV module to fit them. I’ve found quite a difference between the cheap and relatively expensive.
Whilst the picture is good there are some qwerks with these goggles; no power button, needing to turn the module off to get to the internal DVR menu.
As Doomed FPV says - find someone else who’s already got them before you buy. Whilst I like the goggles, they do have some downsides which may be a showstopper for you.

I’ve been using Quanums (because I wear glasses). They’ve been fine.

I’ve just tried them with a new camera - Foxeer Micro Predator - and the camera picture is the best I’ve come across (so far).

I’ve also just tried them with a pair of Fatshark HD3’s, and can just about correct my naff vision using them. The picture is slightly better than the Quanum goggles, but a smaller screen (so less immersive).

I’m thinking of buying a par of HD3’s (with Furious FPV Rx) as I think, with a pair of RHO prescription lenses, they’d then be the best small quality goggle set that I’ve seen.

But it’s the the camera that has made the most significant difference.

I also wear glasses and done use fatshark style goggles as I find it annoying to take off the goggles, fumble for my glasses each time I take the goggles off.

But I have since been using the FXT Vipters and they are for me the best for glasses since you can wear your glasses comfortably with the goggles… the downside is they are quite big goggles as use a case bigger than your R/C controller. I made a review a couple weeks ago here:

Also a glasses wearer - for the Fatshark HD3’s in combo with a decent camera, I’m ok. But I have to say I’m probably going to buy a prescription lens for them to see if they make much of a difference. My other option is the DJI Goggles; it’s a bit of an arse to use them for normal FPV as I require a separate diversity receiver and hdmi lead. However I can wear the glasses comfortably with them, although the downside is that they are quite heavy and they can steam up.

Yeah I have only heard good things from Rho Lens… I would consider this but I like having my glasses on so I can see what I am doing immediately after I put on the goggles!


I now use my HD3’s with RHO prescription lenses (and the Foxeer camera). Closest I’ve been able to get to DJI quality.

The RHO lenses were pretty expensive, as I’m on the limit of the range they can produce.

Defo try some at local flying group. I tried the HD3’s and after trying them I opted for the HD2 terminator edition. Best move for me, I love them. I wouldn’t have bought these if it wasn’t for the lads at the field.

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