A poor mans FPV


I am not a rich man, not rich enough to spend £300 plus on fat sharks anyway. So for now i can still enjoy the hobby by coming up with my own way of fpv.

Below are the images of what ive done to adapt my equipment to be able tp fpv.

Ive attached a grapple from a selfie stick onto the top of my flysky, then using my phone with an app (gofpv) i use the echine rotg015. 8ghz reciever for the video signal attached to the back by velcro.

For a proper fpv experience i got a cheap vr headset from amazon and just use the same means as above to receive video. Best thing about the app you can change to goggle veiw.

Overall its definitely doable. Sometimes the imag can be a bit sketchy, but for now its good enough, though can see myself definitely upgrading in the future when i know im gonna be stupid enough to pay for fat sharks.

Fyi, bottom image is a screenshot from my phone of what the quad is looking at from the app.


Very nice, I do think those org reviews are great for this exact situation :-). The only issue is that they seem to have abit more latency than other fpv systems like fatshark. But for starting out it is perfectly fine and I would only change if the latency ever bothers you. But before buying any fatsharkals my suggestion would be to try find a local fpv group as one of them will probably be willing to let you test out what the farshark goggles are like so you can decide if it’s worth the price for you or not :slight_smile:


You know what the latency really isnt too bad, i found that its probably half a second off, maybe less?

Its a start i guess


I think the goggles are the most important thing to spend cash on - even a second hand pair is good. Not buying better goggles ruined my first year of flying. When I got my Aomways it was like an epiphany !


I get that, i mean ive beeb trying to LoS the past few days, which has been really hard because of knowing where the front of the quad is. I accidentally throttled up and chucked it 20ft over a fence, instead of my throttling up and coming backwards i killed the power and it just happily glided :joy:

Luckily i found it after i knocked on someones door and asked if i could have a look round😅

But yeah omways are probably ones ive been looking at the most


Fit some LEDs on the back if you are LoS. Get some gogs. Borrow some box goggles - if you get on with them then that’s good - as they are cheap. ( I couldn’t use them personally )


Im not a fan of box goggled tbh, i dont like the look of them or the size, the bridge of my nose is quite large and id imagine box gogglea are pretty heavy which would just put me off it all together. id prefare something smaller slimmer like aomways or fat sharks. Hence why ive gone for the cheap option for now so i can learn to fly without breaking the bank.

Nice one about the LED strip, i never thought of that