Long sighted - fpv googles

Have fatshark dominator and Eachine diversity googles but my eyes can’t adjust to the Eachine because I’m long sighted. Any ideas on what I can do? The Eachine need to be further away from my eyes by about 2". My fatshark are fine.

could try double stacking the foam face plate to bring it further away from you

Thanks. I need 3 spacers. Found lenses so will do some research. Should have just looked on poohtube.

Lenses are a good idea, or you could try with some contact lenses (but I know lots of people, including myself am not a fan of contacts) So what I have done is just get some realy small frame glasses and then I can wear them while using the googgles (onyl works for the headset style, not the fatshark style goggles), but you can get a lens set for the fatshark goggles

Thanks for this. I hacked the lens and moved it closer to my eyes.

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Great to hear you got it sorted, If you took some photos it would be great if you can share this as I myself would be keen to see what you did and many others could do the same if the need to?

Tried glasses but way to uncomfortable. I’ll do a how to tomorrow. Still not perfect but for £70…
Wonder if I could use an old screen off a Xperia z2?

We are busy testing some android compatible FPV receivers which will let you use your phone as the FPV monitor and then you can couple them with a set of smartphone VR goggles.

But using an old screen on its own is usually a pain as you will need to try find the LCD panel control board and interface that with AV input but its definitely possible if you have the time and knowledge to do it. I did this a while ago with an old laptop display as the laptop was dead so I converted the screen into a stand alone monitor as a side project (but it was easy as I was able to find a control board for it already), not sure if you can find phone LCD panels easily though (or maybe you can use the same one) anyways enough of me thinking out loud :stuck_out_tongue: , here is one of the links of converting a laptop screen if that is of interest to you: