FPV googles for contact lens wearers


I wear contact lens and am short sighted. The contact lens mean I cannot focus on the screen of Eachine vr006 eachine box goggles I have without taking my contact lenses out. I can focus if I hold the googles about 5 inches from my face or further.

Is there a reasonably priced alternative where I don’t have to remove my contact lens please?

I suffer the same issue. my contacts are strengthened to view far out very well, but this means i require readers for any close up and small details.

Your best bet is to find a cheap set of reading glasses and wear them while flying. It will seem odd, but for most cheaper VR goggles, they don’t make corrective inserts. You might also be able to find a corrective insert that will fit however. This will be your best and cheapest bet.

I am not honestly say since I don’t wear contact lenses myself. But that said fatshark goggle style goggles will be good option but they are about more expensive.

If you still want the box style goggles then something like the fxt viper are good since they use a mirror/periscope style design to make the distance between the lens to your eyes further without the he goggles Bering too bulky to wear. We did a review of them a couple months ago here: