New FPV System Compatibility

Hi, I just built my quadcopter and want to add fpv to it.

These are the components I’m thinking of buying.

AOMWAY 700TVL CMOS HD Camera (NTSC Version) plus 5.8G 200mw Transmitter

Aomway DVR 5.8GHz 32ch Video Receiver with Built in Video Recorder

Aomway 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna Set for TX/RX (SMA) (RHCP)

I did not want to wear goggles, I much prefer a screen. I was thinking of using the av output and running it through an easycap converter to my android phone. Will all this work? I’d prefer to use my phone as screens are more expensive. Also can I use any other 5.8ghz Vrx or does it have to be aomway. Ideally I would like to get a much cheaper vrx. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Personally I use the Foxeer HS1177 (RUNCAM SWIFT CCD 600TVL) it has a decent case and a CCD sensor however CMOS seems to be winning the CCD/CMOS sensor battle as it uses less power and has higher rate image/data transfer and in FPV the latency time is important
So your camera choice is looking good.

You can use any AV transmitter you want, I like the FT952 and have used it at both 25mW and 200mW with good results. Just lately though I’m moving over to the FXT X50 which is much easier to mount (bolt down alum case) with vertical antenna socket.
The Aomway antennas are well respected but I’m told the Skyzone are exactly the same but cheaper. For starters though you can’t go wrong with a cheap set of circular polarised high efficiency set (only £9.99 the pair)

I don’t represent Unmanned Tech but these above mentioned parts are available from their webshop at great pricing.

Your text says you intend using the Easycap with your Android phone but as it has a normal type A USB plug do you meant a tablet? or am I missing something :slight_smile: again :sob:

I have no experience of the AV recorders, I prefer to fit a HD camera on the quad which records to a uSD card, this gives the advantage of both video and still shots (the Legend One can be controlled from your TX) If the cost or risk of a GoPro Hero is a bit daunting try another cheaper action camera e.g. Foxeer Legend One or Mobius
The cheap Chinese GoPro clones are just not up to the quality.

Good luck with what ever you go with

Thanks Steve. I was going to use an otg usb to microusb adapter to use the Easycap. I’ll have a look at skyzone and the dronetrest store. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi again
I’d be really interested in how you get on with the video USB into a phone, the type of adaptor and software to display the images on the screen etc.
It’s something I’d like to try as well.
Steve :slight_smile:

The AV output from the TX goes into the Easycap converter. Then using a USB on the go (OTG) to micro USB adapter the easy cap is then plugged into the android phone.

Using the app EasyCapViewer ( you can view the live FPV feed on your phone. If you don’t have a DVR, you can use a screen recorder app.

NOTE: The Easycap converter has to have the UTV007 chipset to work with Android. (

*OTG is a different type of usb cable which tells the phone to power the device like a normal computer would.

Thanks for that, much appreciated :grinning:
I’ve ordered the bits to give it a try
Steve :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Goodluck, tell me how it goes.

As @stevietee10 said that gear is good (also appreciate the mention :slight_smile: ).

I will also be interested to see how you get on with you setup as it’s a great idea to use your phone as a screen since you have one already! Although based on my experience using easycap on my pc, there is abit more latency I produced so it’s not good enough for proximity fpv flying, but will still be fine for general flying :helicopter:

@stevietee10 @unmannedtech1 I just purchased the following:

AOMWAY 700TVL CMOS HD Camera (NTSC Version) Plus 5.8G 200mw Transmitter
Tarot 5.8Ghz FPV Receiver
Aomway 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna
As well as the easycap.
Once everything arrives I shall post an update.
Everything but the easycap (slow china shipping) is express so the easpcap will arrive in approximately a month.

@Verpz @unmannedtech1

I received my USB A to Micro cable at the weekend
I have a USB video capture stick, not sure if it’s the correct chipset for the EasyCap but I’ll be finding out tomorrow :grin:
I’ll post results
Steve :slight_smile: