Advice for Mini fpv setup?

Hi guys,me and my son who’s 11 are very new to the hobby,I bought 2 furibee f36 mini drones of which we are very pleased for the price,what we are attempting now is a cheap fpv set up,.
I’m going to buy the eachine vr 600 from unmanned tech,I would personally like to buy the all in one camera vtx also from unmanned tech but I’m not sure which camera to buy,I know from YouTube vids I will need to solder the wires on to the board now my question is will the Emax vtl520 vtx £19.99 do the job or the Furious fpv camera £22.99 work, both from unmanned tech or could you recommend another U.K. Supplier,thanks in advance Tony

Firetlynwelcome to the hobby, hope you find it as exciting and rewarding as most of us. It’s might be abit much at first but it’s worth sticking with it to figure eveeything out :-). And we are here to help if you ever need it.

Either of our aio fpv cameras should be fine, but the furiusfpv one is ever so slightly lighter. And on a quad like yours saving weight gets important, even if it is only a few grams.

I can’t recall what weight the emax one is, but if you want let me know and I will weigh it and let you know?

As for UK suppliers I like to think we are the only one you will need… but it might be a slightly bias answer ;-).

Hi alex,thanks for the reply,now which in your opinion would give the better picture quality the emax or the furious,bearing in mind I am only going to be buying the eachine vr006 goggles from yourselves just to test the waters so to speak or would that the camera and goggles combination give a decent display or a poor experience, don’t want to put my son off to early (he’s my excuse with the Mrs to spend time flying :)) anyways hope to hear from you soon!!
Also seeing if I can find any coupon codes :wink:

Apologies about the delays, picture would be comparable between the two. The main thing with the whoop is to get the lightest possible setup. You might get better reception with some aio camera that use a cloverleaf, but they are abit more heavy and better suited so more powerful microquads.

Let me know how you get on and if you have anymore questions :-). Hope you enjoying the long weekend.

Hi alex,
Thanks for the reply,OK I’ll go with the furious as its lighter,so do you think the eachine vr 006 will be ok,I’ve checked reviews on yt and they seem OK and it looks as if you have them in stock,just don’t want to waste money, ok mate hope you enjoy the weekend too,cheers tony

Don’t know of you ordered or not, but I would say the vr006 goggles are good enough for a beginner and get great reception with the two antennas so definitely atrly one of the better entry level units :slight_smile:

Hi Alex thanks for the reply I have decided to go with the vr007 pro they have good reviews and are a bigger screen one last question I have decided to not solder the Furious camera to the furribee f36 as I have now got a couple of quads so I want to use them as plug and play could you please tell me what connections I will need to solder onto my other quads so I can use the camera on all of them,will need the connections with the wire and do you sell them if not could you point me in the right direction,I’ll order tomorrow the goggles and camera just not sure which connections the camera uses its probably in the description lol,cheers tony

The nice thing with the aio unit is that the only connection you will need is power and ground. I don’t know what other quads you have so it’s hard to make a suggestion, but I would say the best thing would be to make a y lead that will tap off some power direct from the battery line (try get the smallest connector you can to save weight.

But since the camera supports 3-5v this will only work with 1s batteries.

Then when you switch to another quad, you just plug it into you battery and the other end to the camera and quad.