Looking to buy a brushless micro quad - suggestions?

I’m quite new to quadcopter and FPV flying and I’m currently looking to buy a brushless micro quad for my brother, something he could fly indoors and outdoors when it’s not too windy, and wondered if I could get some advice please.

Any suggestions welcome and I’m looking for a quad, radio (and receiver) and goggles.


There are a couple of options I can recommend for you. This all depends on budget really but at one end, we have the QX90 Micro brushed Quadcopter, it is brushed, but still loads of fun and much cheaper than a brushless equivalent.


As for the brushless microquads, we have the Aurora 90


and the Moskito from Furious FPV


​There are options with all of these quads about which receiver comes pre-installed. For example, you can get a FrSky compatible or FlySky compatible receiver with the QX90. So this depends on what radio you’re after. I might be persuaded to recommend the FlySky FS-i6


As this is a good quality cheap radio and so if you were to get this, you would obviously go for a quad with a FlySky compatible receiver.

​As for goggles, we have the VR-007 currently in stock and these are pretty good for the price, you can read a review here

Or view the product listing here:


At the higher end of the budget, we have the Goggles Two. Unmanned Tech will soon be getting these in from Eachine and there is a review on them here, along with our places to buy them.

Hope this helps.