Suggestions for an RTF Racing Drone

Hi, I’m looking to buy an rtf racing drone and confused by all the drones available. Currently I just want a drone and transmitter and will invest in the fpv at a later date. I have experience flying copters and drone sim, so will pick it up quickly. I don’t want to compromise, i.e. have to purchase something else once I’m skilled up. What can you recommend?

I understand your frustrations as there are loads on the market but here are my suggestions, I will try keep it simple not to confuse you with too many options.

Currently I would say the vortex 250 Pro is the best FPV quad on the market as it has excellent performance, and the software customization make it intuitive to use and setup, but its also one of the more expensive options but does not include a radio transmitter, as its not RTF. For that I suggest you consider the Frsky Taranis, along with an X4R receiver to use with your vortex. This is the one I would purchase if its within my budget.

But if that is too expensive I can also offer some other cheaper alternatives, one would be the Falcon 250, or Falcon 180 which is also nice, but not as nice as the vortex… But these are totaly ready to fly and include all the parts you need. Just let me know your approximate budget and I can suggest the best kit we offer within that price.

Hi there, the vortex250 pro is very good fpv but there is the vendetta from tbs that is also very similar in performance to the vortex. But yes unmannedtech is correct with his advice, you couldn’t go wrong with any of the two

Agreed, vendetta is great, and a very novel design too, but the major flaw with TBS vendetta is the FPV camera, but that is just me being picky… but to be fair at the price of the vortex250 and vendetta you should expect to get a decent camera

I agree, for the price of them and how much work they have done thinking about design and race capabilities you would think they would have thought more into the fpv cameras to. But the good thing with the two quadcopters is the cameras are very easily changed over for something better if required. Although I have only flown LOS with the vendetta I can see a bit of interference in my headset as soon as I pull down on the pitch, to go backwards with the quad to complete visual loss. Not shore what that is yet but shore to find out in the close future