Buying guide to kit style racing quads

Hi guys what would you say is the best racing quad build your own kit? I’m looking for a complete kit. I already have a runner 250 and the vendetta

I’m looking at the qav250 as there has been a lot of good feed-back from it. It looks like it comes with pretty much everything you need and priced well from unmanned tech at £75. Has anyone built one ? And if so how easy is it to build ?

Hey,. Good choose on deciding to build your own :wink:.

The zmr250 is a fairly popular kit but the one sell for £75 is aimed at beginners so flies more like the runner 250 compared to the vendetta which is quite powerful.

As for building it we have a full zmr250 build guide - QAV ZMR 250 Assembly Build Guide

And if you have any questions about the kit just let me know. And any problems building just as on the guide :slight_smile:

Thanx Alex much appreciated. Can you let me know when you get them in stock please. And yes I thought it wouldn’t be as quick as the vendetta. Which I have got to say is one fantastic machine. Anyway yes I would like to keep the vendetta for racing she I would use the qav250 for messing around with plus it would replace my runner

I think after a bit of research the qav250 is the best choice for someone building there first racing quad for the simple reason of one there is alot of information and videos on youtube as a guide and two it would be simple enough to upgrade any parts in the future to increase its performance and three it is fairly cheap in compared to others on the market

Well we actualy received our next batch today so you can order on our website if you didnt notice already - ZMR 250 Mini DIY Quadcopter Kit - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

And yep we tried to make it as cheap as possible to give newcomers a taste for miniquads and then you can upgrade to more powerful motors etc at a later stage… for example adding some RS2205 motors with a 4S lipo will make this quad comparable in performance to the vendetta

Many thanx, very much appreciated. I should be ok to order that next week. I cant wait to build my own now very exciting.

cool, it is good fun and a great sense of achievement once you see it flying… if you ever have any issues or need help just ask on the forums and myself or someone else will be happy to help you out :slight_smile: