Best drone kit for starters

Hi everyone
My names Zachary and i’m looking to build my own racing quadcopter I am torn between using a QAV 210 kit or using a ZMR 250 and buying a Radiolink T4EU to go with it. does anyone have any advice, also If anyone could recommend a good FPV kit that would be great.

Be good to know your rc / flying things experience level .

I am biased as these kits were what I learnt on :
ZMR 250 Mini DIY Quadcopter Kit - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop

Really good value , will take a 1500 or 1800 battery at lower c ( maybe 30c ) so cheaper than 1300 50c +.
Easy set up on librepilot ( sorry - should admit to being biased again ! )
Probably comes with 1806 motors , upgrade to cheapest available 2204 be good.
Do note that you are getting “old” tech with the escs.
But a cheap choice to learn on
As for fpv , if you new to flying then you’ll be a month or so flying line of sight.
Plenty of time to save up for fatsharks and foxeer arrow / swift 2.
If new to lipos you need to be v careful not to run them too low - a tx with countdown timer on throttle (cheap = devo7e) is handy
Also worth looking at other kits - the advantage with the zmr style of frame is that the build is easier than the fashionable x-frame design.
Use dal props.
if you progress with the hobby you will want a better tx.

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thanks, do you know any good 2204 motors for a good price?



Well have look for any 2204 or 2205 motor :
If the kit does come with the 1806 motors then they will be fine for a start , but in my experience they suffer crashes less well.

Ok thanks for your help one final question, would the CC3D flight controller come with altitude hold, if not how could I get it?

thanks very much


On librepilot you would need a Revolution board.
However , altitude control and 250 size multirotor are not so very compatible , imo.
On the basic cc3d board /librepilot I think there are enhanced modes that assist with maintaining altitude during turns.
From what I’ve seen of the multirotor world , altitude hold is more of a feature on larger craft.

For alt. hold, the board needs to have a barometer. The Naze32 full edition has a barometer and a manometer which are necessary to employ a gps. For simple alt.maintenance, however, just the barometer is necessary and the Naze32 10dof. Or SPRacing acro editor has a barometer.