What next for my QAV ZMR 250

Hi, a few weeks back I finished building my QAV 250. My question is what next and where to buy ? Landing gear ? Camera and FPV kit, GPS ?

Cheers, Tom.

Alex @unmannedtech1 has created guides covering FPV equipment and other topics.
It’s a good place to start

He also distributes the Foxeer Legend One camera which is my choice for a 250 quad

Considering a GPS ??? what flight controller are you using ? please don’t say NAZE 32 :sob: :sob:

Steve :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

I’m a complete newbie but enthusiastic. Thanks for the pointer on FPV. Not sure about GPS and what value it will add.

My controller is FlySky FS-T6 ( not 100% happy with it because the switches aren’t picked up by Librepilot so might switch it ).

Cheers, Tom.

My suggestion would be to add FPV and start flying that way… then you will not want to fly any other way after that… we are out of stock of our ZMR250 FPV addon kit but are working on a new version that should be ready soon.

As for your flysky FS-T6 not detecting switches, if you want to start a new thread for that I should be able to help as librepilot should pick them up, or it could just be an aux switch issue on your radio menu?

The reason for adding GPS is twofold
1, gives accurate position and altitude hold, useful for newbies but it does make for laziness in learning flying skills
2, Return to Home (RTH, RTL) feature will fly the quad back to its home (usually take-off) place and land it, often with an accuracy of a few feet.
The FC needs to support GPS well and some are better than others e.g. APM/Pixhawk are good, NAZE32 and other boards running Cleanflight/Betaflight are poorly supported.
Proprietary systems such as DJI NAZA or Tarot ZYX are good and easy to setup
Hope this helps
Steve :grinning:

I agree with @unmannedtech1 that FPV is awesome to fly with and if you add OSD (on-screen-display) then you’ll be really rocking :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
Steve :grinning:

Thanks guys. That’s really useful and got some ideas to add to my Santa list even if they arrive after the big day.

I’m a student pilot in a C152 so wouldn’t want to dumb down in skills of flying my quad using the controls before ‘cheating’ with FPV :slight_smile:

The return to base stuff would be useful for changing battery when it’s running low.

@unmannedtech1 - I’ll have a pop again at librepilot in terms of the switches and if still no joy I’ll start a new thread.

Cheers, Tom.