TBS Tango and Crusader GT2 200

I was given a drone (diatone crusader gt2 200)

I want to but the tbs tango and need the bits to go with it for video etc… can you let me know what’s needed to get it fully working. The crusader is as it came out the box, nothing added

Hi, that is definitely a nice gift you received :wink:

​The nice this about the tango is that it includes all of the FPV gear already, so the only thing you need to get with it is a R/C transmitter module and a R/C receiver for your GT2.

​I would suggest you go for the XJT module and an XSR receiver to go along with TBS tango.

Then at a later date you can buy some FPV goggles once you are used to flying the GT2

Hi Murray S,

Agreed, the Crusader is one amazing gift.
The way the Crusader comes out of the box is one of the most refined X-Frame quad pre-builds available on the market today. Once you get it in the air, you will be rewarded with one great FPV experience.
Have fun and let us know how it works out for you.