Upgrade antenna

I Bought this
And this

Is it possivle to buy better antennas to screw on?

Yeah, my suggestion would be to go for the TBS triumph antennas, as they get much better signal when you use one on the aircraft and another on your goggles.

Okay Think you, is there Two antennas In? One for drone and one for THE googles?

And if there is, how do i know wich one is for THE drone and THE Googles?

Do i need anything Else for Them? Ore just screw on an fly? :slight_smile:

You have one WHO is In Stock?

For the TBS triumph it odes not matter which is on your drone and which is on your goggles. And correct all you need is the antennas to improve the signal. However you just need to make sure you get the correct connector type on the antennas as you get both RP-SMA and SMA connectors for the TBS triumph, so you need to make sure they will fit onto your FPV transmitter/goggles.