Diatone gf r90 camera upgrade?

I want to change the camera in my gt r90 it seems to just be a bit fuzzy all the time and I cant really get a good focus on it. Also when you turn into the sun you generally cant see a thing. I was thinking of changing to a micro swift 2. Any thoughts or alternatives please.

I have got the GTM3 which I though was supposed to come with the G1 Sniper CCD camera but it came with a micro swift 2 installed. Not seen anyone else have this when I have been looking around the internet but they must be interchangeable. I don’t have any problems with mine.


The micro swift 2 is a fine camera and should fit fine.

I don’t see any problems fitting one.
I had a look at the VTX to see if it was a cheap one that would cause you noise but its a TBS Unify so that’s all good there.