Runcam swift for slale

Does anyone want to buy a runcam swift never used ?
£30 plus p&p
Or anyone near Bradford that can fit a runcam swift for cash ?

I just want a decent fpv camera in my drone :frowning:

Nothing wrong with Runcam Swift
If it’s an installation issue, try your local aeromodellers club. there’s bound to be a helpful guy there.
Or I can quote you for the service

when you say decent… do you mean picture quality or range?
Steve :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Stephen but unmanned say they 'll take it back just waiting
for them to reply with address
Do you live close to Bradford if so what is your quote to fit the cam
because I need someone who can do the technical stuff and really want to
upgrade my cam

Hi Stephen
Do you know if the HS1177 is the same fitting as the stock camera ?
Do you think it is worthwhile changing ?
I have skyzone goggles
Thanks in advance for any input