Help connecting my runcam swift 2

Is there anyone from unmanned on here with any knowledge how to fit a runcam swift 2 to a wizard ??

Hey Julian,

I personally dont know how to do that,
but ive found some Videos do that… :

Hope it is / was helpful


Thanks bud but when I get another one I’ll make sure it’s same fitting as stock cam

All cameras essentialy have 3 connectors.

  1. Ground (usualy the black wire)
  2. Voltage (usually a red wire) - you need to check what voltage the camera supports and supply the appropriate voltage (usually 5v, or 12v)
  3. Video (this is the wire that carrys the video signal to your OSD or video transmitter)

In the case of the swift 2, it has a few extra connectors for things like battery voltage (as it has an OSD module that lets you display your battery voltage on the screen without the need for a OSD module on your flight controller). The swift 2 also supports a wide range of voltages so will work with just about any setup.

The back of the swift shows the connector pinout, so all you need to do is take the red wire from the old camera, connect it to the 5-36V pin, the black wire will go to GND, and the yellow wire will you to the video pin… all the others you can ignore for now.

Hope that helps and if you follow along with the videos above you should be able to figure it out, but if not just ask any more questions or send a photo of everything connected before you power it on so one of us can check for you :slight_smile: