[SOLVED] Runcam Swift - No video output

Hello, I recently bought a runcam swift from unmannedtechshop but whatever I am trying, I cant seem to get a video output signal from it. Initially I thought my VTX might be dead so I opened up my goggles (Eachine VR-007) and connected the camera directly to the white video in cable, still nothing.
Checked power source, was using the 12V out on my PDB so tried on the 5v out, then tried connecting it to the ESC, still nothing.
I have just tried connecting an RCA video jack onto the cameras video out and plugging it into my tv, still nothing.
Am I missing something stupidly obvious here and is there anything else I can try or does it look like the camera is DOA?


It does sound like you tried a couple things to isolate the problem to the camera, and unless something is connected wrongly (which I doubt) it does look like its a faulty camera. If you purchased it from us just send an email with your order number and we will create an RMA for you to replace the camera.

Thanks for the reply, turns out when I was trying it connected directly to the TV I had the video jack wired wrongly, forgot the ground connection… Camera works perfectly connected to the TV and the issue has now been isolated to the goggles. Already contacted the seller to see if I can get a replacement :slight_smile: