Runcam Swift Mini - Issues with Recording Video

Hoping for some guidance here:
I have a RunCam Swift Mini in an FPV/Aerial Photography aircraft and I am having an issue recording the FPV video. I have a recording device which I plug into my Black Pearl monitor and it works well with all my other brands of FPV cameras (have tried 2 x Fatsharks, Foxeer and also a no-name brand).
Basically, the recorded video is very broken up and I can barely make out the recorded footage despite the live transmission to my monitor being fine. I know for certain that it is the RunCam itself causing the issues, because I actually have 2 of them and they both do the same thing. Furthermore, in one of my aircraft I actually have 2 cameras with a video switch and recorded image is always fine from the other camera, but every time I switch to the RunCam it is broken up.

Initially thought this was due to NTSC/PAL settings but I checked the boxes and they both say PAL, which is what all my gear is set up for (I’m here in the UK, cameras were bought from Unmanned Tech). Any thoughts on what can be causing the issue? I really need to have a recordable FPV setup my particular application.

Here is a link to demonstrate the issue:

I tend to agree with you that it is a pal/NTSC issue… even though the package might say pal, there is a chance that t was packed incorrectly at the factory.

I can’t recall off hand but you may be able to.change the camera between pal/NTSC via the OSD. If not an easy way to test would be to change the DVR between the two if you can, or the black pearl. If it is NTSC and you can’t change from it, we should be able to get that changed to pal version for you.

Hi Alex, thanks for your reply. I was also in touch with Runcam about the issue and they suggested the same thing - ie. it was quite possible that NTSC format cameras were mistakenly sent out to UK suppliers. Note that the Runcam Swift mini can’t be changed by the user, so they asked me to check by confirming the shutter speed increments available (if one were to use manual/fixed option). They said if it started with 1/50 it would be PAL. I hooked up the OSD and the slowest option is actually 1/25, which although different to what they said, corresponds with PAL increments (and the next increment was 1/50 anyway). So, I’m still at a loss!

Perhaps I’ll try a manual/fixed setting of 1/25 or 1/50 and see what that does. I’ll let you know wither way.


Thanks for the update, but if changing the shutter speed doesn’t work then it might just be best to return it back to us for testing/replacement as it could just be a bad camera after all.